moving out.

Moving out isn’t easy. No, seriously. I expected it to be way easier, considering the fact that I lived alone before. (Okay, I technically lived with a flat mate, but she was always locked in her room and I only saw her at work really.) I know it wasn’t ‘real, real life’ since I worked abroad as a hotel entertainer only for 6 months and didn’t have to pay any bills for water or electricity in our apartment.

Maybe it feels different because previously I knew it was only temporary. Now it’s for real and there is no going back. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have any doubts regarding my decision. I think it’s only me saying good bye to the old ways. Just like I said before, I’m stepping into the unknown. Last couple of days have been hectic and busy and nerve wracking and wonderful at the same time.

For now, we are trying to figure out what works for us, and what is yet to discuss and hone.

I have a lot of things to figure out myself too, since I have around a month of holiday ahead of me. It feels so strange not to work, because I really enjoy working and earning money for that matter. But I feel that I have to go through this period of not working and do things I’ve wanted to do for the longest time. It’s hard for me just to sit there and be unproductive for days so I have some goals set for this summer. There will be a lot of creativity and learning involved, that’s for sure.

The Universe has it’s twisted ways and I know that for now all that is needed is to trust the process. I am not going to force anything. I’m going to observe and go where this journey called life takes me.

Stay true.


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