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City please and Capricorn Full Moon

I’m such a city girl. Honestly, it’s hard for me to be in a small town, where nothing ever happens. It’s not that I like to attend many different events organized in the city, but I just need this city buzz to feel… connected? This city rush is sometimes unbearable, but when I get to a place where there is no rush (nor magazines for that matter) I feel so lost and confused…

In the city, I don’ t mind spending time on my own. Being alone is something that I actually appreciate. But when I’m left alone in a small town where I become a tourist attraction when I’m trying to find a shop which sells food (because I only had grapes for breakfast and – lets face it – I’m starving), well… I’d love to have some company.

I guess, I’m just not very good at chilling on demand.

Anyway, tonight is the full moon in Capricorn so that’s probably why my senses are heightened. It feels like this month is bringing so many new things from day one and the energy is really strong. This is a great time to tune in with yourself. Meditate, journal – make some time to just reflect on your emotions and thoughts. Is there something that you need to get some insight on? I know, there is for me, so maybe it’s a good thing that I’m alone today. Strong energy of the full moon conjoined by Pluto can reveal some parts of our unconscious mind. We just need to ask and be willing to receive and understand.

If you are looking for some answers I hope that you will get them tonight.
Talk soon,


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