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“You will have bad times, but they will always wake you up to the stuff you weren't paying attention to.”
- Robin Williams

Do you ever find yourself feeling angry or annoyed by the situation you are in? Or you wake up feeling a little sad and all of the sudden everything goes wrong?

I do. It doesn't happen often. For the most part I'm a happy person, but everyone has a bad day. Or a bad moment - that's more accurate. I don't really have "bad days" anymore because I taught myself how to change my attitude.

Yesterday, I was feeling down in the morning. I couldn't shake it. I was angry, annoyed and sad and I had no idea why. I was rushing to work and I missed a bus, the next one didn't come, and I was waiting 40 minutes to catch a third one. It was raining. And I was late to work.

You get the picture.

When I finally got to work I realized I was going on and on im my head about how upset I was. I was trying to push those feelings away causing them to stick to me even more. So I took a deep breath and let myself feel all of those feelings. Just took them in, observed them for a moment and let them go.

I started working, and after 10 minutes I realized all of those negative emotions were gone. My "bad day" lasted for 2,5 hours. That was it. I felt at ease. I had a nice day planned ahead of me. And that's what the rest of it was - a nice day.

So next time you're feeling negative emotions that you don't want to feel, instead of pushing them away, take them in for a minute. Give them recognition. You may even speak to them. Say something like: 'I see you, I recognize you. I don't need you anymore. You can go.'  And then move on. Get to work, write, workout, clean up... Just go into action. However silly it may sound, it actually helps.

Just try it. It can only make things better for you so you can be that positive, radiant person that you know you are!

Hope it serves you.


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